What is an ‘Outdoor Room’?

We have successfully designed and built over 120 ‘Outdoor Rooms’ over the last 20 years. Many of the new homes we design include an outdoor room from inception, or a deck/terrace is included, which is suitable to be converted to an outdoor room at a later time. We quite often get asked to design an outdoor room addition to an existing residence only to supplement their informal living space and create a quality outdoor entertaining space.

With our unique use of fixed decorative stainless steel screens, insects and most intruders are repelled allowing for large format doors to be left open to provide an open and inviting connection between the internal and external living area. With security maintained at the perimeter of the outdoor room this space can be used as the lungs of the house, allowing purging of any internal heat overnight in summer.

The north aspect of outdoor rooms is important to allow for this space to be used on clement winter days when the sun is shining with little wind, which is quite a lot in Perth, allowing you a decent outdoor living space under a fully waterproofed and insulated roof.

If this concept is of interest to you, please contact us to get more information and we can arrange a viewing of one of our outdoor rooms.