Bridgetown residence (Owner-Builder)

Our practice often assists owner-builders to design and build their dream home or addition. This project started with a rural property in Bridgetown and an aspiration to build a passive solar residence that not only took advantage of good northern aspect for winter light, but also took in the views of the Blackwood River across the valley.

With a detailed set of documents, the owner-builder is able to control the process on site to ensure costly mistakes are avoided and that the building fulfills the full potential of the site and the design not only from a technical point but from an aesthetics and design intent.

You will note from the internal shots the amount of winter light that will passively heat this house during the cooler months of a Bridgetown winter.

Still a work in progress, the owner-builder is doing an outstanding job, and we look forward to celebrating the house-warming in the near future.