Boya Additions

After living on this property for over thirty years, the owners had a long list of maintenance they were planning on undertaking including the removal of the asbestos roof. When we were contracted to undertake a initial consultation we visited site and realised why these owners were very interested in a extensive makeover rather than sell and upgrade.

The site nestled in the southern facing hill of Boya with extensive views over the Helena Valley to Gooseberry Hill. The site enjoys unique large granite outcrops and features, one which is the base of an elevated entertaining landing. The option of whether to sell and move was discussed to see if this was a more sensible approach, however the economics of combining a possible sale price with a renovation budget would not have been able to replace the uniqueness of the property with any property that was for sale at the time.

We have just completed the extensive makeover of this property and guests who did not visit during the works have been asking the owners if they demolished completely and re-built. The renovation and additions were extensive, and each project needs to be evaluated as to the appropriate level of alteration/addition versus the cost of a new build as they all have their pluses and minuses.