Proposed New Balconies – South Perth

When first approached, our practice was stunned that a prominent 40 year old 21 storey apartment building in South Perth did not have balconies for the residents. We have design, documented, achieved Planning Approval for a new balcony/ courtyard to each residential unit for this complex to bring this property up to the current standard of properties in the area.

This project had a number of complex technical issues to resolve including but not limited to, a) ensuring water proofing of the floors and new bi-fold doors in such a high building. b) reducing the no of supporting columns from five to two at the request of the owner group. c) construction methodology to accommodate works during full occupation. d) differential expansion of different support materials which has resulted in the balconies needing to be articulated or hinged to ensure the fabric can move seasonally. The selection of the correct secondary consultant’s is paramount for success with complex and technically demanding projects, we thank Peter Airey and AT Consulting for their work on this project so far.

We have successfully tendered the project and subject to final owner approval to be finalised later this year, this multi million dollar project will transform the quality and level of amenity to all occupants of this iconic building and allow them access to light, fresh air and a private external space otherwise not possible.