Shire of Kalamunda Operation Centre offices

The brief for this project from the Shire was to design a new building that fit in with the rest of the buildings on the works depot site using Colorbond cladding. This building is one of two completed buildings on site and this has developed a theme for the Shire’s buildings on this site now and for the future.

The building is a combination of north facing open plan office space, and enclosed offices for the managers, all under a sloping ceiling which has allowed winter light to penetrate and heat the internal thermal mass ‘Trombe’ wall down the centre of the building. Installed in the highlight windows and at low level to the north elevation are electronically operated louvre windows that allow the building to be vented of hot air overnight in summer when connected and programmed through the building’s ‘Building Management System’.

Further meeting rooms, toilets, staff amenities, conference room and a fire-rated server room are located on the southern side of the building with the street entry, all under a flat ceiling which has a ceiling space and walkway tall enough for easy service access for maintenance and running of new services.

We also enclose a CD with the digital photographs and information relating to the varying sections for Titan to include in my website and then make live.