Whiteman Park – Visitors Centre

After completing a refurbishment and addition to the Whiteman Park Administration building, we were asked to be involved in the design and procurement of a new Visitors Centre for the Park. This addition to another building within the central Village area of the Park was designed as a diamond-shape visitor area for displays and information about the Park, the flora and fauna. Behind the reception desk there are located staff amenities and first aid room so that this centre can be the one point of contact for visitors in need of assistance.

In some of the photographs you will note the bush-pole verandah columns which the Park supplied themselves, and we carefully detailed into the extension of an existing building to blend the new into the original building and provide a continuity of appearance. In addition to the new internal spaces for the Visitor Centre, the brief from the client also included a new platform for accessing the light rail system trains that operate in the Park to a standard suitable for disabled access. This included close scrutiny of the height and clearances which included a test run of the trains past the platform to ensure clearance and the correct level and gap.